About Us

Allow me to introduce myself….

•My name is Morgan
•I am the owner of Just Peachy Co. 🍑
•I am 25 years old
•I studied marketing at Eastern Illinois University 💙
•I love being a little bit ✨EXTRA✨ sometimes
•Community over competition
•A tiny bit pink obsessed 💕🌸

When I was a senior in college I took an entrepreneurship class. One of my final projects was to create a business and write a business plan for it. Shortly after my final project and all of the work I had put in, I figured LETS GO FOR IT! My boutique journey started just then! The original boutique was called Morgan Taylor. After graduating I continued to run the boutique part time along side my full time job. Figuring out quickly, my passion was being my own boss and picking out clothes and accessories that made women feel amazing! May 2021 (officially 1 full year ago) I left my corporate job and jumped all in! Morgan Taylor was my baby, but as time moved on, the values and vibe of the boutique were changing, so I wanted to create something that better aligned with the changing culture of the brand. December 2021, Just Peachy was born! 🍑 Being 25, only being out of college for a few years, I felt like I was in an extremely awkward clothing phase of my life. I felt like I couldn’t dress as if I was going to the frat house on a Saturday night anymore, but I wasn’t ready for those mature mature outfits yet. Knowing how uncomfortable I felt, I wanted Just Peachy to be a place other girls that were in the same phase as I was to come to and find an outfit that made them feel fabulous. Evolving yet again, I realized I want to help ALL women feel fun, flirty, sexy, powerful, and ambitious regardless of what phase of life they’re in! If you want to wear that low cut top, wear it!! If you want to wear that flashy sequins skirt, wear it!! Have that moment where you look in the mirror and say, “damn I look good!” My favorite thing in the world is when I see someone in their Just Peachy purchase smiling ear to ear! 😘🍑 My passion for this industry is stronger than anything I’ve ever done before and I’m so happy to have you all along this journey with me!